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Çin’in yeni liderleri belli oldu. ÇKP Genel Sekreteri Xi Jinping ve 6 arkadaşı basının karşısına çıkıp dünyayı selamladı.

Bu görüntünün üzerine Yu Hua’nın son kitabından bir alıntı:

In the Cultural Revolution, even when Mao was not present, the party officials would have the Little Red Book as a way of greeting the revolutionary masses. Just as today no famous actress would appear in public without makeup, the leadership in those days would never show their faces without the Little Red Book in hand. It was their political makeup it.

Today the Chinese Communist Party takes the form of a collective leadership, and when the nine members of the Politburo Standing Committee attend a news conference, they wave simultaneously to reporters, their hands at he same height, waving in the same arc. This always makes me think of Mao on Tiananmen, and of how impressive it was that he waved and everyone else clapped. Reflecting on the past in the light of the present, I have a sense that in today’s China we no longer have a leader -all we have is a leadership.

China in Ten Words, Yu Hua, Anchor Books, S.18-19